Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Updated players pack with Scenarios for AOS and 40k


We have completely updated and split the players packs for AOS and 40k for CCBB 2015.  I have also posted Draft scenarios for you to start using to get your armies ready.  We will be cleaning these documents up with minor things, but the composition is pretty much 100%.  We will not be changing the composition guidelines for 40k or AOS unless a major game breaking exploitation has been found.  Our AOS FAQ will continue to be updated with questions and the 40k FAQ uses the ITC FAQ document. 

All of these documents can be found here: Players packs and Scenarios CCBB 2015

The AOS comp forum can be found here:  http://www.cdnwarhammerforum.com/board/22/aos-comp-faq

The regular CCBB feedback forum is here:  http://www.cdnwarhammerforum.com/board/19/capital-city-blood-bath

Also reminder you can still register for the event right up until the day before.  Registration can be found here:  http://capitalcitybloodbath.blogspot.ca/p/registration.html

Reminder lists are due Aug 15th 2015.  If you register after Aug 15th you forfeit the points for early list submission.

Any questions can be directed to canhammer.podcast@gmail.com