Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Age of Sigmar


We at Capital City Blood Bath are committed to growing the community and changing with the times. 

Games Workshop has decided to abolish WFB gaming system and has chosen to move forward and into The Age of Sigmar system.

The rules will be out this saturday July 4th.  If the rumours are correct then all current WFB models will get new rules and all of these rules will be free. 

We are not announcing that we are going to AOS just yet, I am letting people know that we are most likely moving over to it.  If we did use AOS we would have to see what kind of game it is.  My gut is we would play the new system generally unrestricted.  All WFB models will be allowed and square bases will be legal so do not worry, your existing army will be playable. 

I for one am very excited to see that GW is moving to free rules.  The game will be new but the faces of friends will be the same.  if you have any comments please email me at canhammer.podcast@gmail.com