Thursday, August 28, 2014

Battle Standings with Armies

This is the Raw battle put in order including player name and army.  If you want to see how they did overall you can cross reference our results page.  I cannot update the results page to add in armies at this time.

Name Army Battle
Frank Delanghe Lizardmen 111
John Chastenay Wood Elfs 100
Ron McCallum Daemons 100
Will Paul Skaven 95
Andrew Tripple Warriors 91
John Suckert Vampire Counts 89
Rob Musty High Elfs 88
Jon Green Ogres 87
Alex Thibaudeau Dwarfs 87
Joe Miedema Dwarfs 85
Jason Hutchison Dark Elfs 85
Nate Stevens Vampire Counts 84
Clarence Lee Dark ELfs 81
Pierre-Luc Heroux Dwarfs 81
Guillaume Berger High Elfs 81
Rahul Periera Warriors 80
Darko Prodanovic Dark Elfs 78
Steve Tunstra Dwarfs 74
Jason Sparks Lizardmen 74
Steve Gagne Wood Elfs 74
Justin Musty Warriors 68
Ricky Johnson Brets 68
David Phillips Wood Elfs 67
Kent Sheldon Wood ELfs 66
Joe Duca Warriors 66
Alew Mesmen Ogres 66
Jamie Williams Ogres 65
John Franklin Empire 65
Erik Dafoe Empire 64
Pierre-Oivier Savard Ogres 63
Logan MacLaren Vampire Counts 63
Luc Andre Leroux Dwarfs 59
Josh Chatten Skaven 58
Daniel Brooks Wood Elfs 56
Nick Blackburn Lizardmen 56
Ben Crick Skaven 52
Marc-Andre Dalpe Dark Elfs 48
Jake Tod Tomb Kings 45
Tony Chastenay Lizardmen 39
Ringer (W) Daemons 34
Paul Nelson (W) Orks 29
Riley Maxwell Orks 26