Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This is the first email update i sent out.  I am posting it here in case people did not get it.
The first Ever Capital City Blood Bath is fast approaching.  We are currently at 30 registered players and 17 paid.  I don't have e-mails for everybody that registered, so if you have friends that are planning on attending please get them to e-mail me at  I also added a few other people that have not registered or signed up, in case they are interested in the future.

On an important note, the group rate is ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL JULY 23.  So if you plan on staying in the hotel that the event is also located in please book ASAP.

We have been updating the website all of the information you need to prepare for the event is located here.  No documents are final until a week or so before the event.  We will notify people when they are final.  We also have a small but constantly changing FAQ.

On a final note please tell your friends that plan on attending to register.  We will have space for walk ins at the event but do not guarantee space.  So if we only set up 4 extra tables then only 8 walk in players will get to play.  Also please pay in advance if you are able to do so.  Payment in advance is the only way to guarantee a spot at the event. 

Hope to see you all at the event, we are very excited!  I will try and send out a few more e-mail updates in the coming weeks.

Chris Hanes